Google has released advanced training in data analytics on Coursera

As some may already know, Google has its own training center called "Grow with Google." Recently, two new courses were added as an extension to the introductory course "Google Data Analytics"

"Advanced Data Analytics with Google"
is a comprehensive course offered by Google on Coursera that focuses on equipping learners with advanced skills in data analytics using Google's tools and techniques. The course covers Python programming, statistical analysis, and machine learning for data analysis and interpretation. Participants will also gain hands-on experience with Google's advanced analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, and Google Data Studio, to extract valuable insights from large datasets.

Throughout the course, participants will learn Python programming, a widely used language for data manipulation and analysis. They will explore statistical analysis techniques like hypothesis testing and regression analysis to uncover meaningful insights from data. The course also emphasizes machine learning, enabling learners to apply algorithms for classification, clustering, and recommendation systems to solve real-world data problems.

A key highlight of the course is the practical application of Google's analytics tools. Participants will learn how to collect, process, and visualize large datasets using Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, and Google Data Studio. By leveraging these tools, they will gain the skills to extract valuable business insights and optimize decision-making processes.

"Advanced Data Analytics with Google" is suitable for individuals who want to enhance their data analytics skills, professionals working with data in various domains, and those interested in using Google's analytics tools for data-driven decision-making. The course offers a comprehensive learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice to elevate participants' data analytics capabilities.
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"Advanced Data Analytics with Google" course
"Google Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics" is an in-depth course offered by Google on Coursera. It provides learners with a strong foundation in business analytics and equips them with essential skills for leveraging data in informed decision-making. The course covers a range of topics, including data modeling, ETL techniques, and the creation of interactive dashboards and reports using Google Data Studio.

Participants will learn how to design and create effective data models to analyze business data, ensuring accuracy and consistency through data extraction, transformation, and loading. They will also explore the power of data visualization by using Google Data Studio to create visually appealing dashboards and reports. The course emphasizes practical application, with real-world case studies and examples illustrating how business analytics can drive better decision-making and uncover new business opportunities.

Whether you are a business professional, analyst, or aspiring data scientist, "Google BI Analytics" offers valuable knowledge and skills to harness the potential of data in various business contexts. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of business analytics principles and techniques, enabling them to effectively communicate data findings and make data-informed strategies within organizations.
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"Google Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics" course
Even if you don't require a certificate, you can still audit these courses for free. Simply choose the specific subcourse within the main course and click on "Audit." The option to "Audit the course" will be available at the bottom. Additionally, financial aid is accessible through Coursera, allowing you to apply for assistance. If approved, you can obtain the certificate at no cost.



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